The municipal court of Elwood has the same duty every other court in the United States: to apply the law. And waste management is a serious part of our lives which, if not treated with the level of professionalism this branch demand, can have serious consequences. Courts are here to make sure that the existing laws are applied properly and to solve and possible dispute which can arise.

Waste management

Waste management laws were introduced over time with the intention to control the dispersal of waste materials into our environment. This has to be done with care and precision because uncontrolled. Random waste disposal can present a serious health hazard. Cause ecological harm and endanger the biological balance of our ecosystems.

Waste management

Regulators have worked hard to create and introduce laws which would identify and categorize different waste types and to regulate the business of waste disposal. Including transport, treatment, storage and disposal of waste.

Law control

Municipal courts around the country, including the Elwood municipal court, have the same principles to uphold and the same law to apply. These laws regarding waste disposal are designed to protect our communities from harmful practices which can endanger our health and safety.

Waste management pic

The job of the court is to, when the need arises, and other state organizations and services intervene. Resolve disputes concerning waste disposal and to decide when individuals or companies break these laws. Whenever waste disposal standards are endangered and whenever inspection organizations notice illegal practices. Courts are here to make judgments and fine or punish responsible parties.


Disposal standards are designed so human health and comfort can be protected the best possible way and that we can keep the environment safe from harmful human behavior. Standards recognize a variety of methods which are regularly employed to ensure proper waste disposal. For example, a simple prohibition of littering is one of the most important wastes disposal standards.

Other waste disposal methods concern, for example, treatment of waste motor oil, paint, animal products. All the way up to radioactive waste. Some wastes have to be treated properly before being disposed of in correct locations. All these and many more methods and techniques make up the standards of waste disposal. And the job of authorities and courts is to make sure these standards are upheld. The municipal court in our home town of Elwood, here in the great state of Kansas, is in charge of the same thing.