Elwood Kansas is our home, and we keep our home clean and tidy with our dumpsters. But how does one rent a dumpster? How does this business work? Our business philosophy is based on your needs, not on our wishes. Whatever you need to be cleared out, let us know and we will accommodate and organize everything so the job can be done quickly and efficiently.


First of all, we will set up your order. Our team of professionals will determine how big the project is and how big the dumpster should be so the job is done as swiftly as possible. Of course, if you need more than one dumpster, we will step up and provide. Also, different kinds of waste call for different kinds of dumpsters.  If you have a lot of debris to clear out or a lot of garbage to throw away, we will quickly drive out to your location so you can fill up our dumpsters.

It is quick, easy, simple and convenient. And it will not hurt your wallet, too.

You need something to get rid off ? Call us

Whether you are doing home improvement, landscaping or you want to clear out your garage you filled up all the way to the ceiling over the years, our dumpster rental service is the way to go. Call us up, and you will have a dumpster parked up on your driveway in a matter of hours so you can throw away all that junk that piled up over the years. Also, if your business is hurting because of all the space unwanted stuff is taking up, and you need to free up space for expansion, we will take care of your problem. Furthermore, if you have a job site where you have the need to clear up the accumulated trash, we are only a phone call away.


Our hometown of Elwood, Kansas is our pride and joy, and our employees are our neighbors and friends. We believe that a business should be based on a professional, but also friendly relationships with customers. This way the customers keep coming back, satisfied with the service provided. We strive to be friendly and helpful at any time and to come up with quick and smart solutions for your garbage issues. Our staff will suggest and organize convenient delivery options so you can write this down to your daily schedule. Our business is not only about managing the disposal of waste. It is about doing a good thing for the community.