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Elwood Wildlife Area And How To Preserve It

Elwood Wildlife Area And How To Preserve It

Americans love the outdoors and love to take their family out to the nature to enjoy the wilderness. The city of Elwood, Kansas has a privilege to be close to an area of natural beauty – the Elwood Wildlife Area. This wonderful retreat covers almost 116 acres and is divided into two major areas, the Elwood West and Elwood East. Elwood East is the larger of the two, covering around 844 acres, and the remaining 272 acres make up Elwood West.

Elwood Wildlife Area is situated on the south side of Highway 46, a little bit to the south and southwest of Elwood.


The main feature of both of these areas is that they both present a CRP (Conservation Reserve Program) habitat. This means that specially designed measures are employed so this area can allow natural regeneration of vegetation. In the case of Elwood Wildlife area, this concerns the cottonwood trees. The main intention is to safeguard and protect the cottonwood trees, enabling them to regenerate and thrive naturally. Also, the Elwood Wildlife Area is designed to support wildlife, and 5% of the total crop output is left in the fields every year so wild animals can eat them. Cultivated fields make up more than 20% of the total area. The most important crops grown in the area are wheat and sunflower.

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The main animal species which live in the area deer and wild turkey. Also, you can find a good number of doves. Pheasants and quails are present but in smaller numbers. The park is well equipped with proper infrastructures like parking areas, signage, and additional buildings.

Strict rules

The citizens of Elwood and all the surrounding areas are welcome to enjoy the Elwood Wildlife Area, but they all have to adhere to strict rules when it comes to waste disposal. Littering is specifically prohibited, just like any other kind of waste disposal within the limits of the area.


Preservation of the natural habitat is the primary importance and visitors have to take great care to keep the natural beauty of the area untarnished. Our job is to secure that the future generations have the same chance we had: to enjoy the wonders of nature for years to come. This is why waste disposal plays a key role and has to be undertaken with utmost professionalism and care.

Municipal Court Of Elwood Regarding Waste Disposal

Municipal Court Of Elwood Regarding Waste Disposal

The municipal court of Elwood has the same duty every other court in the United States: to apply the law. And waste management is a serious part of our lives which, if not treated with the level of professionalism this branch demand, can have serious consequences. Courts are here to make sure that the existing laws are applied properly and to solve and possible dispute which can arise.

Waste management

Waste management laws were introduced over time with the intention to control the dispersal of waste materials into our environment. This has to be done with care and precision because uncontrolled. Random waste disposal can present a serious health hazard. Cause ecological harm and endanger the biological balance of our ecosystems.

Waste management

Regulators have worked hard to create and introduce laws which would identify and categorize different waste types and to regulate the business of waste disposal. Including transport, treatment, storage and disposal of waste.

Law control

Municipal courts around the country, including the Elwood municipal court, have the same principles to uphold and the same law to apply. These laws regarding waste disposal are designed to protect our communities from harmful practices which can endanger our health and safety.

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The job of the court is to, when the need arises, and other state organizations and services intervene. Resolve disputes concerning waste disposal and to decide when individuals or companies break these laws. Whenever waste disposal standards are endangered and whenever inspection organizations notice illegal practices. Courts are here to make judgments and fine or punish responsible parties.


Disposal standards are designed so human health and comfort can be protected the best possible way and that we can keep the environment safe from harmful human behavior. Standards recognize a variety of methods which are regularly employed to ensure proper waste disposal. For example, a simple prohibition of littering is one of the most important wastes disposal standards.

Other waste disposal methods concern, for example, treatment of waste motor oil, paint, animal products. All the way up to radioactive waste. Some wastes have to be treated properly before being disposed of in correct locations. All these and many more methods and techniques make up the standards of waste disposal. And the job of authorities and courts is to make sure these standards are upheld. The municipal court in our home town of Elwood, here in the great state of Kansas, is in charge of the same thing.

Dumpster Rental In Elwood Kansas

Dumpster Rental In Elwood Kansas

Elwood Kansas is our home, and we keep our home clean and tidy with our dumpsters. But how does one rent a dumpster? How does this business work? Our business philosophy is based on your needs, not on our wishes. Whatever you need to be cleared out, let us know and we will accommodate and organize everything so the job can be done quickly and efficiently.


First of all, we will set up your order. Our team of professionals will determine how big the project is and how big the dumpster should be so the job is done as swiftly as possible. Of course, if you need more than one dumpster, we will step up and provide. Also, different kinds of waste call for different kinds of dumpsters.  If you have a lot of debris to clear out or a lot of garbage to throw away, we will quickly drive out to your location so you can fill up our dumpsters.

It is quick, easy, simple and convenient. And it will not hurt your wallet, too.

You need something to get rid off ? Call us

Whether you are doing home improvement, landscaping or you want to clear out your garage you filled up all the way to the ceiling over the years, our dumpster rental service is the way to go. Call us up, and you will have a dumpster parked up on your driveway in a matter of hours so you can throw away all that junk that piled up over the years. Also, if your business is hurting because of all the space unwanted stuff is taking up, and you need to free up space for expansion, we will take care of your problem. Furthermore, if you have a job site where you have the need to clear up the accumulated trash, we are only a phone call away.


Our hometown of Elwood, Kansas is our pride and joy, and our employees are our neighbors and friends. We believe that a business should be based on a professional, but also friendly relationships with customers. This way the customers keep coming back, satisfied with the service provided. We strive to be friendly and helpful at any time and to come up with quick and smart solutions for your garbage issues. Our staff will suggest and organize convenient delivery options so you can write this down to your daily schedule. Our business is not only about managing the disposal of waste. It is about doing a good thing for the community.

Officials say Elwood is not in danger of flooding

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